Roof boxes

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Open & Close Assist.

The lifting and lowering mechanism integrated into the Safeguard system offers even more convenience.


Safeguard System.

The unique Atera Safeguard System allows you to travel assured.

Perfect access for loading – whether mounted on the right or left side of your car.


Open & Close Assist

When the lever is opened or closed, the unlocking device is released and the roof box lid is raised or lowered easily and automatically.

Safeguard System

Just like car doors, you can now open and close your Casar roof box more conveniently. And once the lever is lying in the recess, the roof box is 100% closed. Even if for once you should forget to withdraw your key. The box is and remains closed!

Lowered base.
The benefit of lowering the floor is more than just additional space. The elegant transition to the vehicle design and the wind tunnel values clearly reveal the extra value of Atera roof boxes.

Roof mounting
Atera roof boxes have very comfortable fastening systems for mounting on the support t-track. Master-, Premium-Fit embrace the support tubes, Comfort Fit is for mounting in the T-slot.




  • Progressive design
  • Intuitive central locking system
  • New volume
  • Optimized aerodynamics.
  • Open + Close Assist - raising/lowering mechanism
  • Dual-Side - mutual lid opening
  • Carrier tube Quick mounting
  • 2 surfaces available: Brilliant Black or Lava Structured

Features (all): Cargo lashing straps, lashing eyes, dynamic opening system, central locking, quick fix system to roof bars

Atera Casar in brilliant black is available in 2 sizes: L and XL

Atera Casar in Lava Structured is available in 3 sizes: M, L and XL


rafted in Europe, the Atera Lunar roof box impresses with its intuitive operation and high functionality. The innovative quick-mount system ensures a fast and straightforward installation and is also compatible with the widest roof racks on the EU market (up to 10 cm wide).

The exclusive, aerodynamic drop-shape design enhances fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance. Internal aluminum lid lifters make opening and accessing the contents easy.

With a volume of 470 liters, the Lunar roof box provides ample storage space for holiday luggage and winter sports equipment. Manufactured in Europe, it guarantees quality and compliance with European standards.

Features (all): Cargo lashing straps, lashing eyes, dynamic opening system, central locking, quick fix system to roof bars

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