Roof racks for cars with

integrated roof rails.


Due to the Atera coded key are no additional tools required to mount the carrier system. The Atera keys have different codes, like common key systems, to protect your roof rack from thefts.


The design of the Atera Signo product line is the perfect solution for every vehicle type.

Signo roof racks are pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box. The mounting is easy, even for inexperienced people, and the carrier is securely attached to the car.

They allow the use of the entire cross bars width, are theft protected and compatible with all Atera accessoires.

Complete carrier: Signo ASS special roof rack with square profile. For immediate installation.


Complete carrier: Signo ASS special roof rack with aero profile in silver.  For immediate installation.

signo ASS


Mounting: Pre-assembled. Ready to use out of the box

Maximum load: Observe vehicle manufactrurers instruction

Anti-theft protection: By coded Atera key

Loading width: From 110 up to 150 cm. Per vehicle width

Clamping plate: Coated clamping plates for car protection

Crossbars: Steel or aluminium cross bars

Crossbar adjustment: Horizontal alignment

Material: GfK / aluminium / rubber lip

Accessoires: Compatible with all Atera accessories

Warranty: 3 years

A vehicle-specific user information is created using the selection tool.

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For ordering carriers please contact an Atera specialist dealer. You can find a dealer nearby in the Atera dealer search.








Instead of using the standard rain drop shape, we have introduced a specially designed 'ShapeBreak' at the trailing edge of the bar that controls the airflow in a favourable way. At the same time, the ShapeBreak improves the stability of the cross bar and helps to keep its weight low.


The 'WindBarrier' is a deflector for the air flow and is an important element, with its origin in aeronautics. The WindBarrier creates small swirls, forming an air cushion on the surface of the cross bar which acts as a bridge for the airstream above the T-Slot, preventing the development of noise under all driving conditions.



This means: Atera products are developed and manufactured in Germany - more precisely in our development and construction department in Leutkirch in Allgäu, Southern Germany.
And if it doesn't say Atera on it, there is usually Atera behind it, because many carrier systems on our roads come from our company. The high functionality, good design and solid manufacturing of Atera products is appreciated by many well-known car manufacturers.)


This means that the carrier and load are secured in a frontal impact at 30 km/h and do not detach from the vehicle. A product that survives such tests has, in addition to the TÜV approval, another characteristic we are concerned with: quality. Moreover: never before has safety looked so good.

3 years warranty

3 years warranty for all Atera products- As an expression of confidence in the quality of our products we have chosen the 3 years manufacturer warranty. This offers you as a user of our devices more performance and safety and at the same time creates a solid basis for a trouble-free use of Atera products. If it should come to a warranty case within these 3 years after purchase of an Atera product, our technical service, as well as our nationwide service partners (surely also in your proximity) provide for a fast repair or even an exchange.

Roof racks and roof bars



Due to the Atera coded key are no additional tools required to mount the carrier system.