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Bike carriers for the tow bar


How to mount an Atera rear carrier?
All Atera rear carriers of the Strada-series get fixed on the tow bar with a tensioning mechanism. This mechanism has a maximum of 4 locking steps (there are marked by audible clicks when the tensioning lever gets pressed down). In which position the carrier gets fixed, depends on the diameter of the ball head of the tow bar.

With most couplings, the tensioning lever does not have to be pressed down completely into the horizontal position. A 45 - 60 degree position is often sufficient. Do not over-tension the mechanism by using too much force.

Test already in the first clamp/click position wheter the carrier can still be turned sideways on the tow bar. If this is not possible and the key can be turned in the lock, you can start to load the carrier. If the carrier can still be turned and the lock cannot be closed, press the lever down into the next locking position. Repeat this procedure until the carrier can no longer be moved on the ball head and the lock closes.

How can I check if the carrier is placed correctly on the tow bar?
The Atera Strada-series bike carrier gets set on the tow bar. While the lever gets pressed down, the ball-clamping mechanism fixes it on the ball head. The carrier is mounted correctly as soon as the green indicator gets seen (on the topside of the tow ball). You only have to press the tensioning lever into the position, where the lock of it can be closed and the carrier is not moving sidewards anymore. Depending to the size of the ball head of your tow bar the lever may not be in a horizontal position.


How can I check which carrier suits my car?
All Atera rear carriers (Strada- and Genio-series) can be mounted on any car with tow bar (except tow bars made out of full-aluminium) with a minimum load of 50 kg. The maximum load capacity is complying with the load capacity of the tow bar, stated in the manufacturer's manual.

Important to know is what you want to carry, how many bikes, e-bikes or if the carrier should be foldable. You will get the best advice.

Am I allowed to transport e-bikes with my Atera rear carrier?
You can transport e-bikes with all Atera rear carrier models (Strada- and Genio-series).
Please note: with the model Strada DL 2/3 you can transport light weight e-bikes with a maximum of 23,5 kg per bike (also please note the permitted load of 47 kg for the model DL 2 and 45 kg for the model DL 3).

From which axle distance the rear carrier E-Bike ML is recommended?

The model Strada E-Bike ML is ideal for all bikes with a wide axle distance (122 cm).



Can aluminium tow bars be used?
Basically you need to check if it is full-aluminium made. Most of the tow bars used during the last years are often only aluminium-coated, you can test this with a magnet. Only tow bars from the 90s are not suitable. Further details can be obtained from the manufacturer, who can also provide the safety certificates.



How many bikes can I transport at my car?
This first of all depends on the load capacity of your tow bar. This must not be exceeded with the total load (weight of the carrier + weight of the bikes). Atera rear carriers are available for up to four bikes.


How can I check if the tailgate of my trunk opens?
Basically this depends on the mounted tow bar. Its position is vehicle specific and subject to tolerance values. For this reason thw opening of the tailgate can only be determinded by a test mounting at an Atera dealer. You can find dealers in your region in the Atera dealer list.

Which rear carrier has the largest opening angle (tailgate)?
The Atera Genio Pro and the Atera Strada DL 3 have the wides opening angles.

The models for two bikes (DL 2, Evo 2 and Vario 2) have due to design a shorter roller system and therefore a smaller opening angle.



Why the opening angle of Strada DL 2 / Evo 2 / Vario 2 is shorter than the 3-series models?
Due to their design the roller system rails of the 2-series models are shorter.


Which rear carrier for tow bar can be used on vans with swing doors or large tailgates?
The Atera Genio Pro has a complete new tilting mechanism with the option of three different tilting angels to be set. The Atera Strada DL 3 also has a wide roller system. This also allows to open large tailgates or swing doors on a variety of vans.

To assure it works out, we recommend a test mount at an Atera dealer. You can find dealers in your region in our dealer list.

If your are using the Strada DL 3 and you cannot open the swing doors anymore, with a simple trick you can still reach your luggage without demounting the carrier. Tilt the carrier and then loosen the tension on the towball so as to rotate the carrier from one side to the other.  It looks like a good trick for vehicles with side-hinged twin rear doors; it is news to me and I will try it on our M-B Vito!

Please note: this information is subject to the use of the model Strada DL 3 for three bikes. This carrier has due to design the largest opening angle. It is not possible with the Strada DL 2 this carrier has a smaller opening angle.



With which Atera rear carrier I can open the rear doors of my mobile home (Fiat Ducato, etc.)?

Depending to the tow bar it is approx. possible with the Genio Pro or the Strada DL 3. To assure it will work out we recommend a test mount at an Atera dealer. You can find dealers in your region in the Atera dealer list.


Is every single bike protected against theft on the carrier?


What is the maximum mountable tyre width? / How can I change the ratchet straps for bigger tyre widths?


With the rear carrier Genio Pro you can transport tyre widths up to 4.0 inches as standard. With the rear carriers of the Strada series tyre widths up to 2.4 inches (60.96 mm) are possible as standard. All current Strada carriers are equipped with tool-free exchangeable wheel holders.

Tyre widths up to 3.0 inches (76.2 mm) can get transported with additional 300 mm long ratchet straps (set, 4 pieces, item-no. 022 730).

Tyre widths up to 4.0 Inches (101.6 mm) can get transported with additional 350 mm long ratchet straps (set, 4 pieces, item-no. 022 735).

In case you have got an older carrier, you have to check whether the straps are riveted or replaceable. If they are revited you can refit the carrier with new wheel holders.

How can the distance holders be removed?

For the models Atera Genio Por, Strada Evo 2/3 and Vario 2/3 the distance holders can be removed and replaced completely This makes the loading of bikes way more comfortable.
At the orther Strada models you can move the distance holder on the support bracket.

How to connect to the power supply?

I have got a 7-pole tow bar, what can I do?
You can use a 13-to-7-pole adapter. This is available as accessory.

The carrier cannot be fixed to the tow bar even in lever position four?

If the holding bracket has got two big openings, you can rebuilt the tension with the compensation plate (item-no. 095 611).  Afterwards you should not press the tension lever into the fourth position with much force!



How fast am I allowed to drive with my Atera rear carrier?
In Germany we advise the recommended speed of 130 km/h, there is no legal limitation.



Why is only one reversing lamp working? Is this this permissible?
All of our models have a type approval and therefore it is permissible.

How and where can I get an additional licence plate?
In Germany you can get it at every licence tag manufacturer by showing our user manual.



How can I get a spare key for my Atera rear carrier?

You can order a spare key via one of our specialist dealers. Therefore you need the three-digit key number which you can find engraved on the lock cylinder.



Am I allowed to use my Atera rear carrier abroad from Germany?

Yes, but always check the country specific .



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