Frequently asked questions:

Basic roof bars for roof and rail


I have changed my vehicle, can I still use my current basic roof bar?

If your car has got raised roof rails it is usually possible, you may have to check the length of the cross bar and buy a new one. The best way would be to get in contact with an Atera dealer. They will give you the best advice. You can find dealers in your region in the Atera dealer list.



Can bike or ski carrier from other manufacturers be used on an Atera carrier?

Accessories made by Thule or Montblanc fit to the Atera carriers. If you use accessories of your vehicle manufacturer you have to proof it before use.



How fast am I allowed to drive with my roof bar?

In Germany we advise the recommended speed of 130 km/h, there is no legal limitation.



What is the load capacity of my basic roof bar?

The basic roof bar has a max. load capacity of 100 kg (50 kg per cross sbar). But essential is the max. approved roof load of your vehicle. You can find this information in the manual of the car. The weight of the roof bar itself is noted in our user information.



Am I allowed to transport e-bikes with a roof carrier?

No, our roof carriers are not approved for the transport of e-bikes.



How are the carrier protected against theft?

Every basic roof bar has got a different anti-theft-protection, e.g. coded multi-tooth-key, special tools or lock.



If I have got an aluminium bar, do I have to use the groove stones for fixation or is it also possible with the u-bracket?

You have to use the t-track bolts, they are already included in the scope of delivery.



What is the minimum distance between the roof bars (front/rear) for the mounting of a roof box or bike roof carrier?

Basically you should keep a minimum distance of 60 cm, otherwise it will be set by the fix points of the manufacturer.



Am I allowed to mount roof tents on the basic roof bars?

Basically Atera roof bars are approved for a maximum load of 100 kg (therefore please also consider the maximum roof load set by the car manufactuer) and therefore are not designed for the usage of roof tents. If any use deviates from the intendend use, this an any possible damages resulting from it are entirely the responsibility and risk of the user. Atera rejects in this case any warranty and guarantee claims as well as the responsibility for effects of any kind.



Where can I find the B-pillar at my car?

You can find it inbetween the front- and reardoor of the vehicle. Usually it is only existing in 4/5 door cars.



What are the mounting dimensions of the cross bars?

The steel cross bars have got a mounting dimension of 22 x 32 mm. The t-track of the aluminium profiles have 22 x 7 mm (L x H).



What is a t-track?

A t-track is a lengthwise recessed metal rail in the car roof.


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