Frequently asked questions:

Atera Premium Carrier Systems



How can I find spare parts for my carrier?
All Spare parts are listed in our user information (manual). You can find it in our product finder under user information/spare parts.

How long is the warranty time for Atera products?
For roof boxes you have a five-year warranty and for all other products you have a three-year warranty.

How fast am I allowed to drive with my carrier system?
In Germany we advise the recommended speed of 130 km/h, there is no legal limitation.

I have lost my key, what can I do?
Look for the number of your lock or multi-tooth key, contact your dealer and order a new one.

Where can I buy Atera Products?
You can find Atera products and spare parts only via our specialist dealers. You can find dealers in your region in the Atera dealer list.

Where does the name Atera come from?
It is the short form from "Autoteile Ravensburg", which means car parts Ravensburg.

Since when are Atera products available?
Atera Products are available since 1963.

Is Atera a certified company?
Yes, Atera is ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environment certified.

What is the meaning of City Crash verified?
All Atera carrier systems are subject to the most stringent tests required by industry and automotive. These crash tests demonstrate which manufacturers have done their homework. Base of the City Crash tests are the following conditions: carrier and loading get secured and do not detach from the vehicle at a frontal collision with 30 km/h. A pedestrian protection is guaranteed.


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