Atera Premium Carrier Systems

Premium QualitY


Since our founding year in 1963, not only the automobile but also leisure time behaviour and the demand for functional transport systems have changed dramatically. And then as now: The safe and easy transport of your leisure and professional equipment is very important to Atera.


Atera carrier systems are...
...stress-free: Our carrier systems are pre-assembled as far as possible, so there is no need for a time-consuming initial assembly. Our products are characterized by a simple user-friendly handling and are tested according to industrial and automotive guidelines.

...compatible: Our products are open for all companies. They are coordinated and can be freely combined.

...durable: Our products are subjected to complex salt spray and climate chamber tests. This shows whether the corrosion resistance and functional capability under extreme conditions meet our high requirements.


Through the continuous development of our products, the use of specified materials and manufacturing processes, we set an unmistakable sign for real innovation.
Comprehensive quality management in accordance with IATF 16949 and the strictest test methods in accordance with industrial and automotive guidelines help us to ensure our high quality standards.