Bike rear carrier for

the tow bar


230 mm extra large wheel rail spacing and extra long bike rails for bikes with long wheelbase!

STRADA E-BIKE XL is especially designed for bicycles and pedelecs with protruding electric motors and batteries.

Nothing stands in the way of a bicycle tour for three. The 3rd wheel rail can be mounted quickly and easily.


Excellent in design,

handling, safety and

theft protection.

• Extra wide carrier for 2 bikes.

• Extendable up to 3 bikes.

• Especially for bikes and pedelecs with large wheelbase.

• Bike rail length: 1.20 m

• 230 mm large spacing between the bike rails

• for protruding electric motors and batteries.

• Secured tilting mechanism for fast access to the boot, even when loaded.

• Tiltable / extensible

• Quick fastening to tow bar

• frame protection distance holders

• Distance holders free positionable

• Ratchet straps

• Easy tyre positioning

• Matt anodised aluminium

• Pre-assembled

• Carrier theft protection

• Bike theft protection

• ECE type approval

• TÜV verified

Please observe the maximum load of your tow bar in your vehicle´s handbook. Please note the maximum loading capacity! Bicycles up to 30 kg per bike rail and up to 17 kg for the extension rail.



Frame Protection


The bicycle frame protection plays an important role for Atera. The ratchet straps of the distance holder are reinforced in the core with a steel band. Soft rubber pads hold the bike frame gently and securely in position.  The ratchet tensioning system is equipped with a protective feature. It assures the desired tension between the strap and the bike frame. If the tension is too high, the strap simply skips to the next ratchet stop. Maximum tension is maintained and secured once the ratchet lever is pressed down. Over-thightening or even crushing is therefore not possible.